Download Advanced Ads Pro plugin for wordpress. Firstly, you can download advanced ads all access(addons) for free. You will get Advanced Ads pro bundle nulled free. Even, you can download advanced ads all access license key for free. Finally, you could be able to use that Advanced Ads plugin license key as advanced ads all access.

If you’re a blogger you might want your niche blog to earn money. Even some of you have verified accounts from various advertising companies such as Google Adsense, AdMob, MediaNet and so on. In this regard, a proper WordPress ad management plugin will easily insert ads anywhere in your blog, allowing you to automate the placement of ads and make the most revenue of your advertising.

So here I’m Prince Al-amin going to share best wordpress advertising plugin free. You can download advanced ads – ad manager & adsense plugin from DuniarTips.Com. Before I go to the download section, I would like to clarify a few brief information about advanced ads pro.

What is Advanced Ads?

Advanced Ads Pro is a powerful tool for ad optimizations: cache-busting, more placements, lazy load, ad blocker module, click fraud, and more as well as a variety of premium extensions that add additional functionality. Thomas M has contributed to this plugin.

How much does Advanced Ads Pro cost?

This plugin provides both free and premium features. In the Freemium version, you will find a limited feature. On the other hand, you can enjoy full features in the premium version. In order to get the premium version, you have to pay $69 for 1 site – including 1 year free updates and support.

You will be glad to hear that I’m sharing Advanced ads pro nulled free. You don’t need to invest $69 per year. File I’m sharing, you will find all the features of advanced ads all accessClick here to see all the features.

Should I use Advanced Ads pro nulled?

That is to say, I’m not forcing you to use advanced ads pro nulled. However, you can use this plugin at your own risk. I’m just sharing this plugin for the people who intend to buy this plugin. Thereby they will be able to test this plugin before purchasing.

Currently, I strongly recommend you to buy original advanced ads wordpress advertising plugin from the author. Here is the author link:

Is Advanced Ads pro safe?

Trust me. This plugin is nulled but free from the virus. I’m sharing the original file. It’s totally virus free. If you feel suspicious about it, you can scan this file through Google virustotal.

Is Advance Ads pro worth it?

If you search on google, the result will give you a variety of feedback about Advanced Ads plugin. However this plugin I use on my own blog. In my view, Advanced Ads Pro plugin is enough to place ads effectively on any website. Its addons are pretty cool. For example,

    • 13 more Display and Visitor Conditions: display ads based on various parameters like the URL referrer, user role, browser language, specific cookies, number of previous ad or page impressions and many more
    • Lazy Load for more page speed
    • Click Fraud Protection
    • Alternative ads for Ad-Block users
    • Cache Busting: guarantees the functionality of dynamic features like ad rotations in groups, ads displayed based on browser width or device used by a visitor
    • Custom Code: customize your ads by adding HTML and CSS directly into the ad unit
    • Test Placements against each other
    • Duplicate ads for faster ad creation
    • Limit ad to display only once per page
    • Refresh ad without reloading the page
    • Disable all ads for specific post types
    • Create ad grids from grouped ads (e.g., block with 2×3 ads)
    • Inject ads into content not using the the_content filter
  • List currently delivered ads in the admin bar in the frontend
  • Select ad-related user role for individual users (ad admin, ad manager, and ad user)

Advanced Ads Pro free download

Advanced Ads Pro

Advanced Ads All Access Addons

Advanced Ads – Slider 1.4.6
Advanced Ads – Geo Targeting 1.2.1
Advanced Ads – PopUp and Layer Ads 1.6.4
Advanced Ads – Responsive Ads 1.9.1
Advanced Ads – Selling Ads 1.2.6
Advanced Ads – Sticky Ads 1.7.9
Advanced Ads – Ad Tracking 1.20.2

You may also be glad to find this.

How to use advanced ads wordpress?

Time needed: 8 minutes.

To access all advanced ads pro’s premium features you need to activate two plugins. Hence you can follow the process listed below.

  1. Download the first Advanced Ads Pro file.

    After Downloading the file, unzip it. You will find two several files. Upload these plugin through your wordpress plugin

  2. Activate Those plugins.

    You have to be sure to activate Advanced Ads and Advanced Ads Pro plugin.advanced-ads-pro-activated

  3. That’s all. Have fun!

    If you find this notice on your dashboard: ( One or more license key for Advanced Ads add-ons are invalid or missing. Please add valid license keys here ), skip license notice. You don’t need to enter any license key.
    If you want to remove this, insert it in the main file (anywhere).
    update_option ('advanced-ads-pro-license-expires', 'lifetime', false);

    update_option (‘advanced-ads-pro-license-status’, ‘valid’, false);

In conclusion

Finally, we are at the end of this content. Above all, I tried to make you understand about Advanced Ads Pro plugin. If you have any questions about this plugin, then put your comment. Share this content with others. Stay happy and stay with DuniarTips.

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